Mercator projection definition

Mercator projection definition, Mercator projection definition, meaning, english dictionary, synonym, see also 'mercators projection',mercat',mercapto-',merca', reverso dictionary, english.

Define mercator: of, relating to, or drawn on the mercator projection. Definition of mercator-projection noun in oxford advanced learner's dictionary meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and. Definitions of transverse mercator projection, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of transverse mercator projection, analogical dictionary of transverse mercator. Mercator projection definition, a conformal projection on which any rhumb line is represented as a straight line, used chiefly in navigation, though the scale varies. Looking for online definition of map projection in the medical dictionary map projection explanation free what is map projection meaning of map projection medical.

Mercator projection: mercator projection,, type of map projection introduced in 1569 by gerardus mercator it is often described as a cylindrical projection, but it. Ap human geography unit 1 review mercator projection however, the projection distorts sizes of areas. The mercator projection was one of the first important maps created by europeans it was produced by gerard mercator, a flemish mapmaker who lent his name to his. Looking for online definition of mercator in the medical dictionary mercator explanation free what is mercator meaning of mercator medical term what does mercator.

Define mercator projection: a conformal map projection of which the meridians are usually drawn parallel to each other and the parallels of latitude. A projection of the globe onto a flat map using a grid of lines of latitude and longitude. Standard and transverse aspects the transverse mercator projection is the transverse aspect of the standard (or normal) mercator projection they share the same.

Looking for transverse mercator projection find out information about transverse mercator projection a conformal map projection in which the regular mercator. Mercator definition, gerhardus [jer-hahr-duh s] /dʒərˈhɑr dəs/ (show ipa), (gerhard kremer) 1512–94, flemish cartographer and geographer see more. Mercator projection definition: an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid | meaning, pronunciation, translations.

The transverse mercator projection the familiar mercator projection used on so many world maps is a cylindrical projection, meaning the globe is encircled by an. Mercator projection 1 definitions add definition × browse mercaptan flag definition please select a reason for flagging this definition. Learn about the mercator map projection – one of the most widely used and recently, most largely criticized projections amanda briney takes a look at the history.

The mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection presented by the flemish geographer and cartographer gerardus mercator in 1569 it became the. The poles cannot be represented on the mercator projection all meridians can be projected.

Mercator projection definition
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